Shamanic Healing

An Ancient Art

Shamanism, spiritual and healing practices of indigenous/native cultures, is alive and well both within and without tribal cultures. Shamanism continues all over the globe, just as it has for centuries. Of late, in the past fifteen to twenty years, a resurgence of recognizing and utilizing ancient shamanic healing skills is evident. A shaman diagnoses and treats illnesses, divines information, communicates and interacts with the spirit world, and assists souls in crossing over to the other world. Many non-tribal individuals, sometimes referred to as “anglos”, are seeking to learn and/or receive the value of the ancient traditional approaches and benefits of shamanic healing. In the 1970’s, Dr. Michael Harner, an anthropologist, began teaching “anglos” these healing methods. Dr. Harner has lived with native cultures and researched extensively these traditions around the globe. As interest and need for such training has grown, Dr. Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies has also expanded.

In 1993, Dr. Linda Backman, discovered a book, Soul Retrieval, written by Sandra Ingerman, Educational Director for FSS. Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic healing tool with the purpose of healing physical, emotional, and spiritual illness. Ingerman’s book captures and exhibits the value of soul retrieval as a means of healing traumas of contemporary life. Initially, Sandra found soul retrieval to be quite effective for women having experienced sexual abuse. Soul loss is a spiritual illness that manifests in a myriad of symptoms. By seeking someone with the ability to regain lost soul parts, an individual can once again feel whole and balanced.

In the Fall of 1993, Dr. Backman began receiving training with Sandra Ingerman. Shamanic healing requires the practitioner to seek guidance as to what type of healing is needed for the individual. If you are someone who feels ill either physically, emotionally or spiritually and/or have “lost” parts of your soul, seeking guidance and healing from a shamanic practitioner could be extremely beneficial. Linda can work with you from a shamanic healing perspective and be guided to offer healing that is needed.



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