Past Life Soul Regression Therapy

Past Life Soul Regression via Zoom

As Dr. Linda Backman discovered the reality and purpose of continuity of soul consciousness she also found a tool that allows us to gain a 'bird's eye view' of our past lives. Past Life Soul Regression offers the client the means to understand and release past life emotional, physical, and spiritual energy still being held, which is no longer useful for us. Many elements of past lives that we encounter are NOT difficult. Oftentimes, the client accesses details of past lives that ‘shine a light’ on who we are today providing greater clarity for the NOW.

When our soul is new, or we could say when our soul is spun out of the Tao, we begin our journey from one lifetime to the next in order to gain wisdom as a soul. As we step through lives of varied experience we are learning as though we are sitting in an actual 'classroom' gaining knowledge and awareness as we step through, or slog through, each element of our daily living.

At times, life can be fairly simple. Some of you decide that it’s time to have your first child; you are pregnant in a few months, and a beautiful, healthy baby is born in nine months. For others of you, this is NOT the case. You try for over a year to become pregnant; you miscarry at 10 weeks of pregnancy, and it takes another year before you are pregnant again; yet, you birth a healthy, strong child. For others of you, the scenario is even more complicated.

Of course, there are many other versions of complex life experiences. In Dr. Backman’s books Bringing Your Soul to Light, The Evolving Soul and Souls on Earth, you’ll discover many examples of clients gain a distinct understanding of their soul’s purpose and progress gained by virtue of current and past life components.

Each and every element of our life serves a purpose, even though you may not be able to determine the ‘why’ at this time. If we can simply trust there is usefulness in the experiences we step into, life will become smoother, and less cumbersome, for us.

In 1993 following a significant death in Linda’s life, she began having spontaneous memories of past lives. Over a rather short amount of time, Linda discovered that particular past lives step into our consciousness, at times spontaneously, or through past life regression where there is perfect timing and divine purpose for the information to become clear.

Most clients have little or NO difficulty in accessing past life memory.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of experiencing a guided past life soul regression both Dr. Linda Backman or Dr. Earl Backman would be more than happy to describe the process and answer your questions.

When conducted via Zoom, this mode of accessing past life memory is intended to create release and transformation through the remembrance of one or more past lives. PLSR via Zoom is productive and useful for clients.

PLSR sessions conducted remotely are productive for the client because:

  • The client is in his/her own comfortable environment and privacy.
  • The client uses a headset (preferable) with a phone, computer, or iPad.
  • The client can remain in their own environment after the session to continue processing and gain more from the PLSR experience.

Many, if not most, PLSR clients are surprised at how easy it is to relax and access significant memory of past lives. As important lives are regained an explanation of today’s life details comes forward. Once the understanding of how the past life relates to our current life is clear for the client, the release and deletion of past life elements, that cloud the client’s soul development, happens with ease.

Dr. Linda Backman also offers Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR) Therapy sessions via Zoom. BLSR serves as a healing tool in a similar, but often deeper and more profound, manner as Past Life Regression Therapy (PLSR).

For further information about Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression, please contact:
Dr. Linda Backman or Dr. Earl Backman