Upcoming Events and Workshops

May, 2020
May 14-17
Soul Regression Training: Level Two - Between Lives


June, 2020
June 3-15
Regression Sessions: Meursault, France
June 18-25
Regression Sessions: Lausanne, Switzerland
June 20-21
Workshop: Lausanne, Switzerland


July, 2020
July 16-21
Regression Sessions: Los Angeles, CA
July 26-August 5
Regression Sessions: Sebastopol, CA
July 30
Spiritual Workshop in Sebastopol, CA (6:30-10 pm)


August, 2020
August 14-23
Regression Sessions: Montreal, Quebec (Soul regression sessions and Presentations at the Annual Meeting of The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences-IIIHS)


September, 2020
September 11-13
Soul Regression Training: Level One - Past Life


October, 2020
October 15-20
Regression Sessions: Philadelphia, PA
October 17
Workshop: Philadelphia, PA
October 18
Presentation: Philadelphia, PA
October 21-26
Regression Sessions: New York City, NY


November 2020
November 7-10
Regression Sessions: Charlotte, NC
November 7-10
Regression Sessions: Raleigh, NC


December, 2020
December 10-13
Soul Regression Training: Level Two - Between Lives
December 12-19
Regression Sessions: Tucson, AZ


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