Raven Social Action

Why are you here now in body on Earth? What is the over-riding purpose of your life today? It is true that you can discover your individual pre-birth blueprint, or design for this current life, via regression and other intuitive means.

Let’s be deductive, working from the top down, rather than inductive, working from the bottom (or your personal life purpose) up.

There’s something we ALL share by being alive, incarnate now. It’s that you as a soul agreed to be here NOW to assist the planet, Humanity, to evolve.

Many spiritual teachers suggest that you can manifest what you wish to happen JUST by holding “love and light” energy and believing that what you want personally or wish would change in our culture will simply materialize. I would suggest to you this DOES NOT work.

If you are reading this RHC website page right now it is extremely likely that you are NOT a young soul. If you were an inexperienced soul I rather doubt that you’d be interested in the RHC offerings devoted to soul evolution.

You’ve been incarnating as a soul in body to evolve, to resolve karma, those missteps in your past lives, AND to encourage, cajole, and even coerce Humanity to change. “Yes, WE Can!!”

What a fascinating relationship between SOUL and PLANETARY Evolution. As you evolve the reality of Humanity’s lack of progress becomes more evident and of greater concern to you. More experienced souls must accept their commitment to allow “younger” souls the time to be in the “school” of life. Evolved souls embrace their duty just as a parent is responsible for the welfare of their child until maturity.

Here’s the bottom line: YOU are an experienced soul if you’re reading this content. You will NOT attain your life intentions and Humanity will NOT change unless you adopt social action that will lead Earth to advance. Imagine an unbroken circle with these words in a continuous cycle: “Your Life-Soul Intentions lead to Soul Evolution lead to Social Action lead to Humanity’s Evolution.”

How does change happen in your lifetime on our planet? Behavioral steps intended to alter what you believe is not working are essential. For example, if you want to see legislative action taken to arrest and sentence sex trafficking perpetrators contact your state elected officials who can create more stringent legal standards or become involved to support a reputable organization devoted to the cause.

The point is that YOU are in body now to advance life on our planet. Change occurs when each of us takes action.

Think about global warming:


Take steps to educate yourself and about the validity and risks of global warming. Then be sure you are following recommendations to reduce greenhouse gases in our environment. It’s easy and won’t take much of your time.

Here’s the bottom line:
Devote your time, energy, and money to take social action steps to create change in the culture of our world called Earth. YOU are the emissary of change.

Each month the RavenHeart Center will highlight education and social action steps YOU can take to advance our planet into viability, sustainability, and progress.

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