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Linda R. Backman, Ed.D.

Linda Backman, Ed.D.

Dr. Linda Backman, licensed psychologist and regression therapist, has been in private practice for 45 years. Since 1993, Dr. Backman has guided innumerable individuals in regression hypnotherapy to access their past and between lives. In this way, she assists people to more fully recognize who we are as a soul throughout our many lifetimes and during the time we are not incarnate. Regression hypnotherapy allows the client to understand their soul mission, soul progress, soul relationships, and much more. Dr. Backman’s work, includes guiding soul regressions, speaking and writing as well as training others in soul regression hypnotherapy both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Backman holds a profound commitment to deepening and heightening individual and as well as a more universal understanding and awareness of the path of soul development leading to greater wisdom and acceptance amongst all people and cultures of the world.

Linda studied and co-taught with Dr. Michael Newton, author of the seminal books on Life Between Lives regression therapy, and co-created and served on the Founding Board of the Society for Spiritual Regression (now The Newton Institute) as Membership Chair and President. In 1997, Dr. Backman and her husband, Dr. Earl Backman, established The Ravenheart Center (www.RavenHeartCenter.com), a Mystery School in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to guiding individuals to discover their soul path.

Dr. Backman is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light: Healing Through Past Lives and the Time Between, published by Llewellyn Worldwide (2009); The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration (Llewellyn 2014); Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives (Llewellyn 2018), and a frequent guest on numerous radio shows. Linda has earned academic degrees from the University of Oregon, University of North Carolina, and Northern Arizona University.


Earl L. Backman, Ph.D.

Earl Backman, Ph.D.

Dr. Earl Backman is an educator, trained mediator, and is skilled in the area of conflict resolution and management. He has held academic and administrative positions at universities in North Carolina and Arizona, following receipt of his Ph.D. in 1971 from the University of Oregon. Most recently he served as University Ombudsman for Northern Arizona University from 1993-1997, successfully mediating a number of conflicts involving university staff, faculty, and students.

Earl has conducted 100’s of private channeling sessions since 2009 providing advice and guidance from the Spiritual Realm. Earl has also worked with Linda, his spouse, in making several national presentations on couples therapy, as well as working with couples in her practice. He is an author, a nationally known consultant, and is trained in both Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression, as well as in the application of Shamanic practices. In addition to managing business aspects of The Ravenheart Center, Earl consults with businesses and corporations in the field of conflict resolution.