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The RavenHeart Center Update and Spiritual Insight: July 8, 2018

Dear Friends,

Hello! It’s been a couple of months since we’ve communicated because of our crazy schedule. I’ve missed being here to “chat” with each of you.

June was wild, full, and intentional. We had a great trip with one of our grandchildren to NYC and DC, where we introduced her to food, theatre, government, women’s suffrage, and more. Then we headed to Lima, Peru on June 14 after MUCH preparation to have all of the essentials that we needed for a few days in Lima and on to our 12-day group trip to the sacred power places of the Inkan culture. Please bear with me as I give you a simplistic “blow by blow.” I accept that it’s reasonably impossible to comprehend if you weren’t there---at the same time, I believe some highlights can assist many of you.

On June 18 our group of 15 Americans flew from Lima to Cusco, the ancient Inkan capitol where we were met by our Andean-Inkan Shaman Guide. By bus we traveled about an hour to the Sacred Inkan Valley and arrived at our beautiful lodge in the beauty of the Andes. The next morning we began our visits to various power places known by the Inkans. Time and again, as Mallku (Shaman) lead, deepened, and taught us, I was acutely aware of the overlap between Inkan wisdom and my understanding of the responsibililty we, as the minority of incarnate-experienced souls, carry on the planet today.

Click on the following link to view photos from our journey.

We spent an afternoon and Solstice morning at Machu Picchu—and in and surrounding Cusco—at Solstice ceremonies in the Cusco central plaza—in Puno and on Lake Titikaka. Perhaps you can feel the energy of the portals of this ancient, high, and deeply spiritual Inkan culture. It’s beyond time for each of us to step up our efforts to live our life/soul purpose. I find myself being challenged relatively often, either to deal with a physical issue---and/or to absorb an energetic re-working that is crucial, but not necessarily easy.

Finally, please join me for one of my upcoming interviews tied to my new book, “Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives” available in August through my website and Amazon.

Also, please think about joining my upcoming course in Past Life Regression through The Shift Network. You’ll learn both the spiritual foundation of why we incarnate, lifetime to life, to balance Karma and embrace Dharma. At the same time you’ll gain the actual skills to guide Past Life Soul Regression.

Have a beautiful July!

I hope to see you in Colorado and in my travels. When I’m not guiding regression and spiritual mentoring clients in my home office, I’m working by phone and around the US and elsewhere to help YOU understand how your past lives show up in life today----AND, what are your soul agreements to balance Karma and expand Dharma in life today?

What’s on my horizon—AND, how can you join me?

  1. (Calendar below; Contact Earl for details:; 303-818-0575)

I’m eager to forge ahead and support you to LIVE your Soul Agreements.

Please don’t shy away from speaking up, supporting your Social Justice cause, and ACCESS your Past Lives and Soul Agreements to evolve yourself and Humanity NOW!

Blessings to Each Of You,
Linda---and Earl, Too!

3 KEYS to Guiding Past Life Regressions: Discover the Tools for Resolving Issues From Other Lifetimes

Dear Spiritual Seekers,

Please plan to join Linda on Wednesday, July 11 (5:30 Pacific) or Saturday, July 13 for a free exciting one-hour program sponsored by The Shift Network. If you are like many seekers, you may be interested in exploring how past life reression can be a valuable tool in your healing practice or personal spiritual evolution.

Past life regression is a hypnosis-based process that can help us access important information from past lives to heal current issues, find out why we’re stuck in our lifenow, and how we can truly shine and thrive.

You can find our more about 3 Keys to Guiding Past Life Regressions and reserve your complimentary seat here:

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event on July 11.

SOULS ON EARTH: EXPLORING INTERPLANETARY PAST LIVES will be published by Llewellyn WorldWide Publishers on August 8, 2018. “Doncha” love that date: 8-8-18! You can now preorder an autographed copy from The RavenHeart Center website for $20.00. Copies will be mailed on or around August 8, 2018.


RavenHeart Center on FaceBook

Please visit our new Ravenheart Center FaceBook page for an easy way to keep track of our programs, workshops, training courses, and other activities. We encourage you to LIKE this new page and encourage others, whom you believe might be interested, to LIKE it as well. We are going to expand our use of social media to publicize our programs, events and services to a wider audience. We thank you all for your support and participation in our collective efforts to assist others to understand the evolution of their soul.

Linda will teach an intensive onsite PLSR Training-Workshop course, September 7-9, 2018 in her home office in Colorado. Enrollment is very limited. Please contact us to learn more about this course, future offerings, and how you can meet the prerequisite for joining us and other interested participants.

Our next 4-day intensive onsite BLSR Training-Workshop course will be held in Linda’s home office December 6-9, 2018. Past Life Regression training is a pre-requisite for this course. There currently are openings for this spiritually rewarding opportunity.

Please contemplate registering for one of our Soul Regression training-workshop programs to elevate your own conscious awareness and, if you choose, to learn how to assist clients to discover their significant past lives, deleting karma and embracing dharma. In the Between Lives Soul Regression training-workshop Linda will impart as much knowledge as is possible to fit into 4 intensive days of the soul’s journey, both on Earth and elsewhere, for the evolution of all people/souls.

BLSR Training-Workshop could be called a program in the “soul’s purposeful journey”---advancing the Earth and the Universe.

Please write to us if you wish to learn more about our Soul Regression Training Workshop Courses (

We are scheduling individual Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression sessions with Linda in our home office in Erie, Colorado, as well as in the following locations:

Portland, OR: July 26-31, 2018
Portland, ME: August 22-27. 2018
San Francisco/Bay Area, CA: September 19-22, 2018
London, UK: October 1-7, 2018
Paris: October 8-12, 2018
Geneva: October 13-17, 2018
Orlando, FL: October 30-November 5, 2018
Tucson, AZ: December 26-27, 2018
Kona, HI: January 2-9, 2019

Please continue to check the calendar on our website as we plan to visit other cities in 2018. If you are interested in Linda conducting a workshop and individual BLSR sessions in your community, please let me know.


What is spiritual mentoring? Evolving as a soul is important and is a tricky path at times. One of my favorite ways of working is to sit with you, one-on-one, to shine a stronger light on your soul’s journey in this life. Quite honestly, my guides assist continuously, as I talk with you, to know and to offer input about how you can more directly walk your path as you agreed to do in your present body-mind-spirit ‘package’.

As I combine my psychologist skills with my awareness of soul evolution through our lifetimes and through our ‘this life’ soul agreement---this is your journey forward to advance as a soul while supporting the organic needs of Humanity to reach Oneness.

I’d love to sit down with you either by phone or face to face to be a mirror to assist your soul’s progress.

As many of you know, Linda has been teaching a series of courses for The Shift Network. These virtually delivered courses focus on Soul Evolution, and all courses are archived for individuals wishing to take the courses after they have been offered. We urged our readers to check out these education opportunities to see if they resonate. The courses are as follows:

Soul Evolution: Clearing Your Past Life Karma & Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose

The Soul Evolution Intensive: Unveiling Your Past Lives to Heal, Clear Karma & Fulfill This Life’s Purpose (19 weeks)

Healing Body/Emotions Through Past Life Exploration (Begins December 19, 2017)

3 Keys to Mastering Your Soul’s Evolution: Discovering Your Guides, Soul Archetype & Interplanetary Past Lives

3 Keys to Guiding Past Life Regressions: Discover the Tools for Resolving issues From Other Lifetimes (Live on July 11)

The Past Life Regression Training: An In-depth Practicum in the Tools for Resolving Issues From Other Lifetimes (10-week class begins on July 24, 2018 at 4 pm Pacific Time)


We would like to urge each of you to consider making a difference through donating to an organization of your choice that is committed to improving the lives of those less fortunate, addressing the ills in societies, and working on behalf of humanity to make the planet a better place to live.

As most of you know, we have chosen to focus our attention through giving to and urging others to support two organizations: Shared Hope International and FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation). In this issue we continue to talk about FCNL and how you can be involved in and support important Peace Building efforts.

We urge you to consider stepping up and becoming an active supporter of an organization that has been around for more than 70 years effectively lobbying Congress on key domestic and foreign policy issues.


To learn more about the Friends Committee on National Legistation—their programs and initiatives visit, We would also like to thank many of our readers who have become actively involved with Shared Hope International—working with individuals committed to ending Child Sex Trafficking. This scourge, exists in every community in this country—no matter how large or small. Shared Hope International is staffed with committed professionals, working with law enforcement, civic groups, volunteers, and religious organizations to address this local, national and international issue.

Join with us and support Shared Hope International—for our young people depend on our active engagement.

Your support and active engagement is needed now more than at any other time in recent years. Now is not the time to sit back and just hope for a better life.

July 11: Free Virtual Event on 3 Keys to Guiding Past Life Regressions ( This event is repeated on Saturday, July 14.
July 19: Podcast Interview w/Mark Gober
July 23: Radio interview w/George Noory of Coast to Coast AM (1 am MT)
July 24: The Past Life Regression Training: An In-depth Practicum in the Tools for Resolving Issues from Other Lifetimes begins on The Shift Network at 4 pm PT. (
July 26-31: Regression Sessions in Portland, OR
July 27: Presentation/ Booksigning at New Renaissance Bookstore: Portland, OR (
July 28: One-half day workshop on Soul Evolution: New Renaissance Bookstore

August 9: Presentation/Book Signing: Boulder Books in Boulder, CO (
August 15: Presentation/Book Signing: The Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver (
August 22-27: Regression Sessions in Portland, ME
August 24: Presentation at Leapin’ Lizard: Freeport, ME (
August 25: Spiritual Workshop: Freeport, ME

September 7-9: PLSR Onsite Training Course: Boulder, CO
September 13: Radio Interview w/Dr. Paula Joyce
September 19-21: Regression sessions in San Francisco/Bay area
September 26: Radio interview w/Emily Francis

October 2-8: Regression Sessions in Horsham, UK
October 6: Workshop in Horsham, UK (
October 8-12: Regression Sessions: Paris
October 8: Workshop in Paris
October 13-17: Regression Sessions: Geneva
October 14: Spiritual Workshop: Geneva
October 31-November 5: Regression Sessions: Orlando, FL

November 1: Workshop: Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference: Orlando, FL (
November 2-4: Regression Sessions: Orlando, FL

December 6-9: BLSR Regression Training: Boulder
December 26-27: Regression Sessions in Tucson, AZ

January 6: Presentation/Workshop: Kona, HI



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